The Last Day

This world and humanity are heading towards a Great Day of Judgment, also called the Day of the Lord. On this great Day, God will judge all unrighteousness and everything sinful will be fully and finally eradicated from God’s creation forever. Many are looking for signs of the end-times and the return of Christ drawing near, things such as:

  • The Coming Antichrist World Political Figure,
  • The New World Order/One World Government,
  • The Battle of Armageddon,
  • The Mark of the Beast (i.e. 666),
  • The Secret Rapture of the Church,
  • The 7-Year Great Tribulation period, and all that followed by
  • The 1000-Year Earthly Millennial Reign of Christ from Jerusalem

But is that really what the Bible teaches or is that simply the folly of man always seeking after more and greater signs and wonders and drawing upon his imagination in conjuring up myths, mysticism and fantastical ideas? In this book, we look at what Scripture actually tells us about the last day – the culmination of all human history. Let those who have an ear to hear, hear the true Word of God and be not deceived by the wolves and false teachers!