Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I order any photo and verse combination that I want for my art prints?

A: Yes, just contact us with your request. We can print any of our hundreds of nature images with any verse that you like, and we can also make custom prints to any size or requirement as well. For a gallery of the over 250+ photos available, see our nature photography websites:

Q: What Bible translation do you use for verses?

A: For most books and verses, we use the NASB 1995 translation. We can (and do) use other translations at times such as ESV, NKJV, and KJV. If you want a particular print with a particular verse and translation, we can almost always accommodate such requests. Just contact us.

Q: Are prints, books, and gifts available with Spanish verses?

A: In many cases yes. For art prints, we can almost always use Spanish verses where requested. Many of our books have also been translated into Spanish. For Spanish verses we use the NBLA translation.

Q: What if I’m not happy with my order?

A: We want you to be 100% satisfied. We accept returns with no questions for any reason within 30 days.

Q: Do you offer framing services?

A: Generally, no. We prefer to ship prints and let you do the framing locally, due to cost and high risk of damage during shipping. This way, you can also get the exact frame you want to match your decor. Hobby Lobby in particular sells some very nice and cost effective frames, and they can even mount and assemble it for you, just take your print into their custom framing department. We can make some framing suggestions also. In particular, one Hobby Lobby gold frame looks outstanding on our prints. For large-format custom panorama prints, we do offer a more turn-key service, including framing. For more information, see our FRAMING INSTRUCTIONS and SUGGESTED FRAMES.

Q: Do you offer print-hanging services?

A: No. Please contact a local handyman for the best service. In our experience, they do a great job hanging art. It is wise to check their Yelp reviews (or other reviews) online of course.

Q: Can I view eBooks on my phone?

A: Our eBooks are delivered in PDF format, so you can view them on any device. However, we have found ourselves that reading books is best done on a tablet or computer. The phone display is just too small…you’ll be scrolling forever. It works, but it’s not ideal, in our opinion.

Q: If I order a book, can I get the eBook version for free?

A: Our eBook costs are very minimal, and we do still have costs of preparation. We ask that you order the eBook if you need it also for a few dollars extra.

Q: Do you support any charities?

A: Yes, while we do not have a set schedule of donating a specific % of profits to charity, we do donate to local food banks and shelters as we can (even personally), and we also support various Church of Christ organizations and ministries.


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