Beyond the Tomb

There are many opinions, speculations, myths and superstitions about what happens to the human soul after death. In this book, we look at what the Bible – God’s inerrant inspired Word – has to say on the matter.

Topics discussed include:

        • The origin of humanity
        • Life and time
        • The nature of humanity
        • Which part of humans is immortal
        • Soul and spirit
        • God, the Father of spirits
        • Absent from the body, present with the Lord
        • Spiritual death and spiritual life
        • The present life
        • Angels are intelligent immortal spirits
        • The world in awful sleep
        • We choose our destiny
        • Dying testimonies and confirming words

Additional topics are covered, such as:

        • Is heaven a real place?
        • Is hell real?
        • Is hell eternal?
        • Where do souls go immediately after death?
        • Is there hope?
        • Prepare to meet God

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