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The Bible is truly the best source of inerrant, unchanging and timeless Godly wisdom. Explore sixty of the most powerful verses on wisdom, each accompanied by inspirational photography, and grow in your walk as a mature Christian, with a deeper level of wisdom to live a Godly life and handle life’s challenges.

60 Tear-Out Photo & Bible Verse Cards About Godly Wisdom.

Verses in English and Spanish; Verse notes in English only.


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To serve God, we must value, and seek, Godly wisdom, the wisdom from above. The ways and wisdom of fallen man and this world are based largely on fear, greed, and corruption; while the wisdom of God is based on love, service, and self-sacrifice. Further, man often tries to pass off so-called “science” in opposition to the Word of God; but in many cases, as in the so-called “theory” of evolution, it is nothing but wild speculation and fanciful conjecture designed to discredit Scripture. However, In the end, at the last trumpet, on the great day of judgment, the ways and wisdom of man and this world will have been found to be wrong and expire completely worthless, while the wisdom of God  will have been vindicated and validated as the one which stands to eternity.

How does one get the wisdom from above? Scripture is clear that it starts with believe, trust, and “fear” of the Lord. Now fear doesn’t mean to be literally afraid, but to honor, worship, respect, and revere God for who He is: holy, true, just, kind, compassionate, loving, just, and righteous. So, in this booklet I present what Scripture says regarding wisdom. May you choose to follow, believe, and trust in God over man, even when man claims that God, and God’s word, is wrong. I hope you choose wisely. Amen.

I have chosen an animal/wildlife theme for the images for this book, because sadly, animals often exhibit more wisdom than we humans do. It is often good to learn from their behavior.

Please keep in mind that the photos aren’t necessarily meant to be illustrative of the particular verses but to serve more as an inspirational reminder of the natural wonder and beauty of God’s creation, especially for those who are unable to visit such places of natural beauty and wonder due to circumstances.

You may also like our Powerful Proverbs booklet as well. God bless. – R. John Anderson.



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