Sweet Psalms Sedona

Experience God’s peace and love with sixty soothing Bible Psalms for the soul, each accompanied by an inspirational photograph from Sedona (Arizona), showcasing the natural beauty of God’s creation.

60 Tear-Out Photo & Verse Cards Each With A Bible Psalm.

Verses in English and Spanish; Verse notes in English only.

Price: $14.95

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Experience God’s peace and love with some of the Bible’s greatest passages from the book of Psalms, each accompanied by an inspirational photograph from Sedona, Arizona. Please keep in mind that the photos aren’t necessarily meant to be illustrative of the particular verses but to serve more as an inspirational reminder of the natural wonder and beauty of God’s creation, especially for those who are unable to visit such places of natural beauty and wonder due to circumstances – we can bring them to you in photo form.

One day again, either on earth or in heaven, you will get to see His beauty afresh, as a believer in Christ. This, He has promised. No matter where you find yourself, Christ is there with you. He knows your situation, your circumstances, your heart; He promises never to forget or forsake you. Remember that your hope and peace is in Christ; it is not in the things of this world or in man.

If you find that a particular verse speaks to your heart, please feel free to tear the page out and keep it close to you (or give it to a friend or loved one). Keep it as a reminder of His love, mercy, and grace, and also as a reminder of the faith you have in Christ, who died for you while you were still a sinner, so that you may have eternal life with Him in heaven.

If you need to review the gospel as it was handed down once for all time to the saints, our book The Message of Truth/El Mensaje de la Verdad presents the gospel message, from start to finish, Genesis to Revelation. The book can also help you present the gospel “message of truth” to others. God bless! – R. John Anderson



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