Powerful Proverbs

Godly wisdom and insight from the book of Proverbs, each accompanied by inspirational nature & wildlife photography showcasing the natural beauty of God’s Creation.

60 Tear-Out Photo & Verse Cards From the Book of Proverbs.

Verses in English and Spanish; Verse notes in English only.

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Powerful Proverbs highlights some of the timeless, eternal, and amazing wisdom in the Old Testament book of Proverbs. Proverbs was recorded in approximately 900 B.C. with King Solomon as the principal writer and collector. King Solomon was said to be the wisest and richest man in human history, even measured by today’s standards. His wisdom, therefore, carries weight, and as the words were guided by the Holy Spirit as truth to be recorded in the Bible, we can rely on them with 100% certainty.

Proverbs are not just “old stodgy sayings” from thousands of years ago; they are part of the word of God, “alive, active and sharper than any two-edged sword” and as relevant today as they were centuries ago when they were written. Societal customs may change, technological advances may be made, and political and cultural structures may change over time, but an examination and understanding of core human truths (and Godly wisdom) are constant over time and are perhaps even more applicable and necessary today.

These proverbs are truly a gift of God. Proverbs is a book about responsibility, earnestly seeking and truly desiring to learn (knowledge) and apply (wisdom), and not drift aimlessly through life. Knowledge is not wisdom; knowledge is “knowing.” Wisdom could be described as putting knowledge into action.

We must approach Godly wisdom with full humility, discarding our pride (that ever-present force of evil), and trust Fully in God as He is the only source of all true wisdom. Proverbs are not flashing, and they are not glitzy or glamorous. Proverbs are downright just plain old hard work. They are meant to help us deal with core human matters of the heart. It requires determination, practice, persistence, and prayer to put them into action in your own life. But the results are overwhelmingly positive and empowering when you do so.

This little booklet can only include a few of the many Proverbs found in Scripture; I hope you like the ones I’ve decided to include. Please keep in mind that the photos aren’t necessarily meant to be illustrative of the particular verses but to serve more as an inspirational reminder of the natural wonder and beauty of God’s creation, especially for those who are unable to visit such places due to circumstances.  You may also like our Wisdom Cards booklet as well. God bless. – R. John Anderson.



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