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The Message of Truth

The Message of Truth presents the full gospel message of Jesus Christ without the myths, false teachings, lies, distortions and other schemes of man that have been added on top of what was given in Scripture.

Many people do not realize that the Holy Bible is actually “God’s Love Story” for mankind. This book presents the central message of the Holy Bible - the gospel, which means “good news.”

This book can also help you understand how we “got here” — a sinful fallen world with death, destruction, disease, famine, war, lying, cheating, stealing, murder, killing and other sinful behavior with misery all around us. God’s great Day of Judgment awaits us all!

You will also read that our hope is in Jesus Christ, the one true and living God, the Lord our Savior. The objectives of this book are twofold:

  1. Present the gospel message from start to finish in a way that can be easily understood and without the distortion of false teachings, which are prevalent today, and

  2. Serve as a handbook of sorts for new believers to refer to as they start their walk as a Christian. The goal to help you avoid the lies, snares, traps and pitfalls that are laid up for you by men who spread false teachings in many areas and in many ways. I know this first hand, as I nearly fell victim to many of those false teachings myself.

“Behold, now is ‘THE ACCEPTABLE TIME,’ behold, now is ‘THE DAY OF SALVATION.’” - 2 Corinthians 6:2

Yes, right now, today is the day of salvation. Let those who have an ear to hear, hear!