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Genesis: Redeemed in Love (Trilogy Book 2)

In this book 2 of the trilogy, Genesis: Redeemed in Love, we continue through the Bible with the good news of the Gospel, with the glorious birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, as He redeems a fallen world, and all who call on Him, from sin and death. We see God the Father Himself revealed through Christ’s words and life. Jesus is the sole focus of this second book (the centerpiece of the trilogy if you will), as He is also to be the centerpiece of our life. All things revolve around Christ and for Christ.

God’s genesis, and indeed His whole plan for creation and humanity, didn’t end with them being left in a sinful and fallen state. In God’s infinite love and wisdom, even before He created the world, He knew His plan to send His only Son, Jesus Christ, into the world to save us from our fallen, sinful state and to offer forgiving atonement for our sins. Through His plan, He would redeem us and lead us back into a relationship with Him, resurrected to eternal life in and with Christ.