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Custom Projects & Prints

Custom Projects & Prints



We specialize in making custom prints, singly or as collections, for specific sizes, locations, shapes and any other specific requirements that clients may have for their Church, Home or Office environment. We can also make sets of prints for a specific Bible theme that you like or want to feature, e.g.: Psalms, Proverbs, Faith, Hope, Peace, Love, Nature, Christ, etc...

We have over 250 images are available to select from, and we can custom mix and match photos with verses of your choosing. We also offer prints in many different sizes and formats, even up to eight-feet wide panoramas (panos). If you have any special requests, or need us to create a custom collection or series of prints for your needs, please contact us. 

Shown below are some examples of what is possible; really, the only limitation on what can be done is imagination. Different sizes, shapes, verses, frames, insets, offsets, etc are all possible. In many case, I will come view your environment (church, office or home) where practicable and possible before hand and discuss what could work best.